Lisa Kennedy

My passion for style began at the Vidal Sassoon Academy in London. After graduating “Best Student,” I began my career as a hair stylist in London, and soon fell in love with fashion as well.  I realized the importance of the overall image: hair, makeup, fashion and most importantly, confidence.   I have had formal image training from one of the eight Certified Image Masters in the world and I am a member of Association of Image Consultants International AICI.   What I do is very similar to the makeover TV shows, except I am not cruel!  I am complimentary, professional, motivating, positive, and honestly believe that everyone deserves to feel confident about his or her style.  I do not replicate a look from latest celeb or magazine.  I take your own natural beauty and personal style and give you the “WOW” factor you deserve.

  • I am your Personal Stylist
  • I am your Hair Makeover Artist
  • I am your easiHair Extension Expert 
  • I am your Formal Hair Specialist

The Salon