Lisa Kennedy’s talent, creativity, and perfectionism make her one of the best stylists in Austin, Texas. I highly recommend making an appointment, especially for color. No matter how many times I change my look; she always ensure that it looks the best and has a healthy shine. Her product suggestions are spot-on for your personal needs and she makes great suggestions based on ahead-of-the-trend taste. Book an appointment today and save yourself the expense and nightmare of another stylist’s second best.
— Cameo Ritterbush
Every time I leave her salon, Lisa Kennedy has been able to transform me from a frumpy middle aged tired looking woman into a professional adult that makes me feel and look awesome. Can’t imagine going anywhere else.
— Andrea Whitaker Tucker
Lisa is phenomenal with both color and style. Gone are the days of having to go one place for color and another for a cut. Been going to Lisa for several years now and have always been pleased.
— Karen Wisniewski
I have been going to Lisa for about 5 years now and everytime I see her I am never disapointed. I had an appointment this past weekend and I told her that I want to look fabulous for my upcoming birthday. She suggested we try the easilenth extensions. I have always wanted to give them a try but was hesitent about the cost and worried that it would look fake. Boy, was I wrong. They look awesome and I cant wait to put more in next time I see her in 8 weeks! Why didnt I try these sooner?! For the cost of about a dollar a day, I have fuller, thicker hair! Thanks Lisa for making me feel and look Fab!!
— Christine Marie
I love Kennedy Style! Lisa is great and always finds the perfect color and style for me!!! Thank you Lisa!!!
— Claudia Palma
Lisa is the best!!!!! I moved to Austin from California a year ago and went everywhere trying to find a colorist that could do natural looking highlights. It is such a nightmare to move and have to find a good colorist as you know. The last straw was at Jose Louis which was too expensive and did brassy highlights which totally clashed w/ my red splotchy complexion. The colorist kept using that purple shampoo to try to get the brass out after ea service........really????????........ I was paying hundreds of dollars for brassy then purple shampoo???????? Not only does Lisa do FANTASTIC color, but gives AWESOME haircuts as well as services/sells my brand of hair extensions “Easihair” which I highly recommend if you are trying to grow your hair out or just want thick luxurious hair. They are the most natural looking extensions I have ever seen! She also ensures your color matches seamlessly with the extensions! I had better not have problems now getting an appointment with her after sharing her awesomeness to the world.
— Mel Stehr
Very good to work with! Lisa puts a lot of thought and enthusiasm into her work and the results pay off! Very pleasant to talk to and is also excellent at giving info on pricing.
— Sarah Fuquay
Lisa Kennedy is a PHENOMENAL hair stylist. Color, cut, style.. whatever you want, she does an excellent job!!! I 110% recommend!
— Daisy Stinson